Web, Content & SEO Services backed by Real Business Experience

Dovedale Design’s webmaster service empowers business owners to focus on their business, confident that their web site’s health, content, user experience and SEO are in good hands.

With real business experience and a passion for web design, our bespoke sites are based on a thorough understanding of the business and its needs.

Our approach is proactive and responsive. Through regular discussion with our clients, we can deliver timely updates, and content that remains fresh, relevant and with strong SEO value.

Partnering Business Owners

“…having Robert to work alongside us means that the website keeps up and reflects our progress. His monthly reports on traffic, searches and rankings are complemented by his intelligent interest in the business. Our Search Engine rankings have benefitted accordingly… ”
Roger Slade, General Manager, BS Steels Ltd

Top Google rankings for www.bssteels.co.uk

Real Business Understanding

Our webmaster, content management and SEO services are ideal for business owners needing someone responsible to maintain their web site and keep its content current.

Dovedale Design draws on the extensive experience of our Managing Director, Robert Gibson. During a career in journalism, stockbroking and investment banking, he conducted extensive analysis of business models, seeking to convey them effectively in words and images. Robert managed equity research departments in five countries, and ran one of India’s leading investment banks. Robert’s LinkedIn profile.

“Robert cares about the success of his clients’ business… A trusted adviser and a great guy to work with.”
Simon Goodfellow, Partner, Harlyn Research LLP

“Robert took great care to understand the strengths of the organisation and its members’ needs, and brought them out in the web site… His advice, professionalism and assistance throughout the process has been invaluable.
Vee Bharakda, Chairman, Chiltern Chamber of Trade

Samples of our work

  • www.bssteels.co.uk

    Web site creation, webmaster service and SEO campaign for BS Steels.

    web site for BS Steels
  • www.chilternchamber.org

    Web site creation and webmaster for Chiltern Chamber of Trade & Commerce

    Web site for Chiltern Chamber
  • www.bishops-chauffeurs.co.uk

    Fully responsive website for Essex-based chauffeur service

    Web site for Bishops Chauffeurs
  • www.marlborough-events.co.uk

    Website for Wiltshire based events organiser, using horizontal swiping effect

    Web site for Bishops Chauffeurs
  • www.adviser.co

    Website for award-winning Cornwall-based Independent Financial Advisor

    web site for Duchy Wealth Management
  • www.woodviewtech.com

    Site set up and maintained for independent oil & gas technology consultant

    Web site for independent technology consultant Alex Hunt
  • www.belmanns.com

    Very image-driven site for fashion student Bel Manns

    Web site for fashion student Bel Manns
  • www.harlynresearch.co.uk

    Web site for investment modeller Harlyn Research LLP, makes extensive use of Javascript Highcharts.

    web site for independent financial investment modeller
  • www.arcubus.org.uk

    Website for African microfinance charity Arcubus

    web site for microfinance charity
  • www.lifestyle-construction.co.uk

    Website for leisure and recreation building specialists lifestyle-construction.co.uk

    Web site for leisure and lifestyle builders
  • www.londonhistoryguide.com

    Web site for London Blue Badge Guide and Huguenot expert Sue Jackson

    web site for London Blue Badge guide
  • www.britishandirishart.co.uk

    Responsive web site designed around a blog for art commentator Adrian Clark

    web site for art writer
  • www.gmpelicanscc.co.uk

    Site set up and maintained for local cricket club

    Web site for local cricket club

Shared Success

Dovedale Design client Simon Holdsworth's Duchy Wealth Management was awarded Investment Firm of the Year 2012 by Sesame Limited. Innovation, use of technology and a clear client proposition were among reasons cited.
Duchy Wealth Management award Sesame Investment Firm of the Year 2012

Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices such as phones and tablets are the fastest-growing means of accessing the Internet, bringing with them a myriad of screen sizes. They also enable use of the Internet in new ways, often with differing needs according to device. Responsive web design addresses these challenges, and we seek to make our designs robust, forward-thinking and flexible. We can also convert older designs. More on Responsive Design.

Stylish Charts and Data

Dovedale Design holds a licence with Highsoft Solutions AS, an industry leader in standards compatible, JavaScript based charting. Their products Highcharts and Highstock enable the production of graphs and charts in pure JavaScript, including sophisticated navigation options. More on Highcharts

We have also been working increasingly with Google Charts.

“I contacted Robert as I knew that he was accomplished at integrating HighCharts into websites. He really went the extra mile to get me the result that I was looking for… fantastic attention to detail.”
Nigel Beynon, Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment

Historical Archive

Presenting archive material using a blog platform and database has a number of advantages. Most of all, they are searchable by date, by tags, by word and so on, allowing the viewer rapidly to access the subjects or dates of interest to them. Using WordPress Blog for Historical Archive

Our Services page gives a comprehensive list of our capabilities.

Wordpress Expertise

As a Content Management System (CMS), Wordpress offers power and flexibility, both in web design and content creation and management. Our bespoke Wordpress themes combine the strengths of Wordpress with many other features that make up an effective web presence. We also have experience on other CMS, including Joomla and various proprietary systems.

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