The sites featured on this page all show different aspects of the sites we can provide, as well as some notes on the requirements and specifications of the owners.

BS Steels home page showcases Portsmouth-based steel business BS Steels.

BS Steels, previously a relatively basic steel stockholder and fabricator, had been acquired by experienced ‘steel man’, Roger Slade. Initially we sought to change perceptions of the business, as products, services and capabilities offered by Roger’s previous business were added. By showcasing complex structural steel projects, we seek to help validate decisions by contractors, architects and engineers to use the company.

The business developed so strongly that we soon needed to launch a ‘version 2′ of the site, and it continues to be developed to reflect ongoing progress. In particular, expertise has been built in repairs for highways and railways; a bespoke page ensures that we rank highly on Google for terms relating to this activity.

We have produced also an attractive and informative PDF brochure, which can be updated, sent out to clients, and printed off when required – a good deal cheaper and more flexible than a traditionally printed brochure!

Link to site: BS Steels, Portsmouth-based steel stockholder, fabricator and installer; on-call highway and railway repairs.

screenshot of Chiltern Chamber web was previously on a Joomla platform, which we were asked to transfer to WordPress. We were asked to address concerns about the navigation and inconsistent formatting. Content also needed thorough restructuring to bring out the value the Chamber adds to its members.

The Home page was revamped to promote the Chamber’s real strengths. Upcoming networking events are given particular prominence, with areas also for an elevator pitch, a slider, a widget, recent news headlines, member offers (two chosen at random), and social media. The structure seeks to ensure that the Home page should never look out of date, should look interesting, and offer easy access to other important areas.

WordPress custom fields have been used to achieve certain goals. These include delivering consistent formatting of events, member pages and member offers – inputs in plain text are formatted consistently by CSS and a robust template. Also, forthcoming events are automatically moved to past events by a snippet of code that compares the date in a custom field to the current date.

A searchable member database, organised by business sectors, has been created by using WordPress categories.

Link to site: Chiltern Chamber of Trade and Commerce, serving businesses in Chesham, Amersham and throughout the Chilterns.

Web site for Marlborough EventsThis site was built for Wiltshire-based events organiser and caterer Marlborough Events.

The brief called for a site that can be used by the business owners when marketing their services, quite probably on a tablet. In our initial meeting, they constantly ‘swiped’ through images on their tablets, and it seemed a good idea to try to emulate this behaviour on their web site.

The resulting web site is a little ‘different’. Using a carousel more usually employed for images, we created content sections that can be swiped horizontally on a touch screen, or otherwise through a conventional menu. Fresh content is brought up instantly, in a rather funky-looking manner.

For the mobile version, we switch off the horizontal scrolling effect and allow the content to be scrolled vertically, again making it easily accessible.

This technique would not be suitable for all sites. However, it can equally be used as part of a site, for example as a means to show off products or services on one of its pages.

Link to site: Wiltshire-based events and party organiser Marlborough Events.

web site for duchy wealth is a website built for Cornwall-based Independent Financial Adviser Simon Holdsworth.

The site was designed with care to express Simon’s values and approach through its design and content.

The economically-written Home page seeks to deliver its message clearly – adhering to the guideline that as much of the initial message as possible should be visible to the visitor without the need for extensive scrolling. Concise text is complemented by rollover images, each suggesting an investment need likely to be experienced by potential clients. This is reinforced on subsequent pages by testimonials from existing clients.

A WordPress platform allows Simon to write articles and case studies for information purposes, and also to ensure that fresh, relevant content is available to search engines. These are then arranged by category and placed on appropriate pages through the site.

Duchy Wealth Management award Sesame Investment Firm of the Year 2012Award Winner! In January 2013, Duchy Wealth Management was awarded Investment Adviser Firm of the Year for 2012 by Sesame, the largest financial services network in the UK. Sesame states that the award recognises some or all of the following: “effective use of platform technology; a well structured client investment proposition; an innovative approach; and a record of profitable new business growth in investment business.” What tiny piece of reflected glory from this success that we can claim, we are happy to do so!

Link to site: Cornwall-based independent financial adviser Simon Holdsworth.

Web site for independent technology consultant Alex Hunt was set up for independent oil and gas technology consultant Alex Hunt.

The economical Home page features a video of Alex, and six image panels all leading to ‘success stories’ of technology innovations or challenge with which Alex Hunt was involved.

The site is relatively small, written concisely, and is intended as a clear ‘calling card’ for Woodview Technology’s services.

Link to site: Independent oil and gas technology consultant Alex Hunt.

Web site for Billericay-based chauffeur Bishop' advertises the services of Billericay-based chauffeur service Bishop’s Chauffeurs.

The site is fully responsive, so should reshape itself (and tweak its content) depending on the size of device used to access the site.

The site links with the owner’s social media presence in several ways. Simple links enable visitors to visit the Facebook and Twitter pages. Buttons also enable visitors to ‘Follow’ the Twitter page, and to ‘Like’ the web site to their own Facebook profiles, thus helping spread the word. The owner’s Twitter feed also appears on the home page, allowing him to post short messages regarding availability, offers etc.

An important part of the business is chauffeuring clients to events and race days. These pages feature tables with upcoming events, read from a remote Excel spreadsheet. The ease of this arrangement ensures that the tables are always current (filtering out past dates) and updated.

Link to site: Essex-based chauffeur service

Home page of is the site for the building and construction business of Lincoln Pools Limited.

Since 1967, Lincoln Pools has operated as swimming pools specialists in the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire area. Lifestyle Construction was set up to handle building projects, with a particular emphasis on lifestyle, leisure and entertainment.

The business owners decided it was time to advertise the construction side separately, and to give it a stronger separate identity. There is a strong visual emphasis to the site, so as to let images drive home the message. Sections on Leisure Complexes, Extensions and Annexes, Pool Buildings, Landscaping, Bathrooms and Wetrooms, and Shepherd’s Huts, are backed up by slideshows of completed projects.

Though we didn’t launch a specific Facebook page or Twitter account, visits to the site immediately after launch were given great impetus by a push on Facebook, in particular by the wife of one of the owners! A Facebook ‘Like’ widget in the header enables visitors to ‘Like’ the site, or to ‘Send’ it to a friend, whilst also displaying the current total of ‘Likes’.

Link to site: Lifestyle-Construction, specialists in recreation and leisure building, serving Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire advertises the diverse offering of London Blue Badge Guide and lecturer Sue Jackson., site of London Blue Badge Guide Sue JacksonSue leads regular, scheduled walks around London from April to October. One of the features is a rolling calendar of walks, always starting with the next scheduled date. This is achieved through a CSV (Excel) file, read through a program in PHP. Thus the list is always current, without visitors needing to scroll through already-completed walks. The CSV file itself can easily be edited in Microsoft Excel, should further walks need to be added.

To advertise further her diverse interests – as well as to help build profile with search engines – Sue intends to be an active blogger, and the most recent blog posts and ‘hot topics’ are also featured on the front page. This is achieved through using a WordPress platform.

Link to site: Sue Jackson, London Blue Badge Guide and history and art lecturer; specialist on London’s Huguenots

front page of presents the case for microfinance in Africa, and offers the opportunity to experience it first hand through the ‘Arcubus Experience’.

Probably the most important thing for a charity web site is to show the outcomes of their work, and the site has been designed with this in mind.

‘Stories’ and ‘Blog’ pages have been set up to allow news items and images to be uploaded easily by the site’s owners.

Attractive short videos on microfinance, and the activities of Arcubus’s microfinance partners, enliven the site, and we also pull in Twitter feeds from these partners. The site therefore provides a powerful source of material on microfinance.

Link to site: African microfinance charity Arcubus. creates a platform for independent investment strategist Simon Goodfellow. The site showcases six of Harlyn’s flagship models, displaying recommended weightings produced by his probability-based approach, and the superior long-term returns from the models.

Product page designed by Dovedale design for Harlyn Research LLPThe site has a registration and login system for visitors, with content reserved for logged in users. A particular feature of the site is the interactive graphs, which enable visitors to view weightings and performance for periods which they can select and interrogate. Data for the models is uploaded weekly, which the client is able to do himself, via Excel spreadsheets which are then read and converted into tables or graphs.

The client’s brief included a tight schedule for ‘phase 1′ of the project, to coincide with an investment conference, and development of a platform to allow further extension of the site’s scope and functionality. The schedule for phase 1 was duly met, and the launch of phase 2 brought in more models, added functionality and improved navigation around the site. The site is likely to grow further, particularly by the addition of bespoke products to be held in protected client areas.

Link to site: Harlyn Research, designs tactical asset allocation systems for professional investors. was built to showcase the writings of Adrian Clark, a City lawyer with a growing body of articles, commentary and his first book on 20th century British and Irish art.

Web site for art commentator Adrian ClarkThe site needed to showcase his book, act as a repository for his articles, and also be somewhere that he can add further thoughts on his very frequent visits to galleries, exhibitions and the like.

The original goal was to look to build greater awareness among the art and academic world of his fascination and research into this period of British and Irish art.

We therefore turned to a blogging platform, WordPress, and wrapped the web site around it. This enables the site owner to blog away to his heart’s content, whilst letting the rest of the site do its job as a more conventional web site. A very welcome spin-off has been some useful contacts created for the purposes of future books that Adrian has been researching and writing.

Of course, using WordPress as a content management system, the owner can edit pages and posts as he wishes.

Link to site: Adrian Clark, commentator on 20th century British and Irish Art.

front page of is the site for London Blue Badge Guide and NADFAS-accredited lecturer Ian Gibson. The site is partially bilingual, offering a German version of the front page. Sadly, Ian Gibson passed away in 2012.

This started as a conventional ‘brochure’ site, ie not based on any content management system, though it was migrated subsequently to Joomla! The front page features a daily historical fact on London, changed daily to be relevant to the current date.

This site generally rated well with search engines. Search terms such as ‘blue badge london guide’ and ‘german speaking london guide’ showed up consistently in the top 10 on Google – sometimes at the very top.

Link to site: Ian Gibson, London Blue Badge Guide and NADFAS-accredited lecturer.

front page of
front page of and were web sites to advertise a substantial holiday letting property near Chichester, and a bed-and-breakfast near Cheltenham. The former was built on the Joomla! content management system, the latter on WordPress. Cheltenham vacation also featured embedded availability calendars for both properties, which the clients could update online.

Both properties ranked well on search engines, but have now been sold, so the sites have become inactive.


“BS Steels is a growing business, and having Robert to work alongside us means that the website keeps up and reflects our progress. His monthly reports on traffic, searches and rankings are complemented by his intelligent interest in the business. Our rankings have benefitted accordingly. We have a genuine partnership, enabling us to plan to get BS Steels’ message across effectively.”

Roger Slade, General Manager, BS Steels Ltd

“I chose Robert because I wanted to work with someone who understood my business, and who would deliver on time and on budget. Robert was invaluable when it came to finding applications and plug-ins which dramatically enhance the functionality and visual impact of the site, From the start, the site was designed to accommodate the extra pages necessary to support the continuing growth of the business. It has already generated more enquiries than I expected. I am so delighted that Robert and I have already started to talk about phase 2 of the project.”

Simon Goodfellow, Managing Partner, Harlyn Research LLP

“Over the last few years Robert has successfully completely reconfigured our website He was easy to work with and got into the heart of our financial advice business to produce a website that targets those we wish to build relationships with in a professional and effective way. He has enabled our search rankings to rise significantly and has kept us informed over the time since then with regular updates as he has tweaked the website to continue to improve its appearance and rankings.

A particular bonus has been Robert’s encouragement that we update portions of the site ourselves and he has ensured that we can do this efficiently and accurately. I can thoroughly recommend his services both to build a site and then maintain and strengthen it over time.”

Simon Holdsworth, Duchy Wealth Management

“Robert Gibson has taken responsibility for this Registered Charity’s website and created our Facebook page. He has transformed the website into a powerful, colourful and interesting means of communicating with our members and project partners in the UK, Africa and the USA and it is evident that is read with interest across many Developing Countries. Robert monitors the effectiveness of both website and Facebook page and ensures that they gain the maximum number of ‘hits’. Frequent updating ensures that there is constantly something new and attractive both for existing users and new web surfers. As Chair of the Charity, I am immensely grateful to him.”

Julian Marcus, Chair, Tanzania Development Trust

“By seeking to understand my aims from the outset, Robert was able to suggest a site entirely appropriate to my needs. Discussions throughout the creation process, and clear explanations at every stage, gave me full confidence in the finished product. In particular, Robert encouraged me to consider a blog to complement my published work, and this has indeed given an added dimension to my writing.

Since the site went live, Robert’s assistance has given me confidence to become a regular blogger – something I could not have imagined a short time ago. I look forward to further collaboration over the site.”

Adrian Clark,

“We are very pleased with the web page that Robert designed and created for us. It demonstrates our property to its full potential. From our initial introduction Robert was proactive in preparing drafts and extracting data from us following his own inquisitive investigations. Everything was by e mail and telephone communication and Robert was excellent at understanding, advising and interpreting our requirements. Our web page was on line in only three weeks and receiving hits almost immediately.

Thank you Robert for a job well done.”

Nicola Williams,

“Robert took time to understand my business, tourist guiding, and so was able to design a site that has enhanced my profile and significantly increased my business. He designed the site so that it would be easily picked up by search engines and so I am now one of the most highly ranked London guides in search engines such as Google. He also made useful suggestions as how to make my site more appealing. These include every day a new London anniversary with information about the city, information about tours, accessible by clicking on headline pictures, and an easy link to my availability calendar. He is also readily available if I have queries about my site”

Ian Gibson,