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SEO: Climb Online or Fly With The Dove?

SEO and effective web management are an essential ingredient of business success today. Dovedale Design offers a comprehensive web site management service. While business owners focus on building their business, they can be safe in the knowledge that we are managing and seeking to improve their web site and its position.

(This article was written partly to target search terms relating to SEO Company Climb Online. Within a day of publishing, it was on page 1 of Google for search term SEO Climb Online. A few days later, it had been bumped down to page 2, emphasising the challenge!)

www.bssteels.co.uk organic rankings on google.co.uk 22/12/2014
Source: Rank Tracker
CHAS accredited steel installer 1
connect plus tier 3 contractor 1
daily steel deliveries portsmouth 1
highway steel repairs 1
on call highway steel repairs 1
railway steel repairs 1
steel deliveries southern england 1
steel design services portsmouth 1
steel stockholders portsmouth 1
steel suppliers portsmouth 1
daily steel deliveries london 2
edm surveys portsmouth 2
edm surveys southern england 2
highway steelwork repairs 3
railway steelwork repairs 3
M25 steel repairs 3
steel deliveries portsmouth 3
steel fabricators portsmouth 3
CHAS accredited steel supplier 4
roger slade steel 4
architectural metalwork portsmouth 5
construction steel southern england 5
edm surveys hampshire 5
steel stockholding hampshire 5
steel deliveries hampshire 6
railway steelwork 7
railway steel services 8
steel for water infrastructure 8
steel stockholders hampshire 9
steel stockholders southern england 9
highway steelwork 10

Lord Sugar’s decision to back The Apprentice winner Mark Wright and his SEO start-up Climb Online with £250,000, gives some food for thought.

Social Media commentators were soon deriding Lord Sugar’s decision. The fact that domain names climbonline.co.uk and climbonline.com were already in use for climbing companies was a bad start!

The main question, however, was the proposed level of personal service to be offered to all comers, with an ad featuring a builder, a mechanic, and a dentist. This personal service was to be based on a thorough understanding of the business, and would feature initial visits from account managers to devise a marketing strategy, with as many as two review visits per month. An ‘entry-level’ fee at £400/month was quoted, and presumably a preferred fee level well north of that – £3,000 per month was mentioned.

Many questioned the viability of the service from two particular perspectives:

  • How many small to medium-sized businesses would be able to afford the entry-level fee for SEO services, with other aspects of the web site’s management presumably on top?
  • Will the SEO business find enough ‘consultants’ able fully to understand the business, combined with web and SEO skills, and really offer the time and personal service it claims?

On the latter, winner Mark Wright appeared to contradict himself, agreeing with Lord Sugar’s characterisation of his consultants as “a lot of torn-jean wearing, open-collared hooligans sitting by their computers all day…”

Thinking through these issues, at Dovedale Design we remain very comfortable with our service to business owners, and the results we can produce.

The table displays a selection of rankings for www.bssteels.co.uk with google.co.uk in December 2014. In addition to numerous leading locality-based search rankings, there are many successes for more generic terms – picked out in red. These are all organic search rankings – no Adwords.

These results are achieved by a process of structure, hard work and continuous evaluation of the site, its content and its rankings. Added to this is the insight from the extensive business and financial experience of our Managing Director, Robert Gibson. There is regular discussion with the business owner; every month a traffic and rankings report is prepared to check the overall health of the site, and to generate recommendations for improvements.

Importantly, though, we do not limit our services to SEO. We look to offer a package which genuinely allows the business owner to feel secure in the knowledge that their web presence is in good hands.

Interested? Please contact us to discuss how we can help your business.